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Naruto woke up the next morning, not feeling right. Not noticing his feet were hanging off the bed by about half a foot, he got up, went to the washroom, and splashed some water on his face. He was so out of it, that he didn't even bother to look in the mirror. He grabbed his jumpsuit from his closet, and tried to put it on, but his actions were in vain. Though he was able to put it on, it felt incredibly tight! His sleeves barely even reached in between his elbows and hands, and his arm, which was filling up and ripping his sleeves in some places, having gained some muscle. His pants were doing know better. They too, revealed more of his leg than usual, and were also filling up his pants with muscle and slightly ripping in a few areas.

"Ha! I can take Sasuke back to the village for sure now! Or can I..."

Naruto thought about it for a while and decided that he would go training today anyway. What could be wrong with getting stronger than he already was? He tried to put his sandals on before he left, but, while he was trying to push his feet in, the strap ripped, so he couldn't where them.

"Guess I'll have to go barefoot."

Naruto had to get to the waterfall again, but this time, he didn't want anyone to see him going. He wanted to everyone to see him when his training was complete! He managed to get through the town without anyone seeing him by jumping on the roofs of houses, then just sprinting through the forest with incredible ease. Again, like yesterday, he took off everything he was wearing, but not his pants, which were still very tight. Naruto was breathless. He could see that his pecks were pushing out a little more than yesterday, and that his six pack was now formed on his chest! Yesterday they were just developing!

Naruto got his mind off of admiring himself, and jumped on to the wooden support in front of the waterfall.

"Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!"

Without even trying, Naruto created the same amount of clones he had used yesterday. But, suddenly he heard screaming. He turned around to see that a few of his many clones had fallen off the plank. The thing was, there was no room for them. This of course, made Naruto smile.

Like yesterday, Naruto trained for a few hours, but, he was now cutting the waterfall much more often than usual. After a while, Naruto noticed that Sakura had left him another basket of her "New and improved" food pills beside his clothes. But, of course, Naruto only cared about how they tasted, which was why he actually wanted to eat them for once. Naruto jumped from the plank and rushed to the basket. Before he did anything, he tried one of the food pills just to see if they tasted as good as the ones she had brought yesterday. He slipped it in his mouth, and tasted it. They tasted as good as he had hoped they would! Maybe even a little better than the food pills Sakura had brought the day before! Naruto gobbled down every food pill in the basket as fast as he could.

"Wow... Sakura's probably been working really hard to make these food pills, that's probably why they taste so good! Maybe I should go check on her when I'm done training!"

So, Naruto decided that after training for a few more hours, he would go visit Sakura. Of course, besides wanting to thank her for the food pills, he wanted to show her his progress in his training. In other words, he wanted to show off.

As planned, Naruto continued to train. Every hour or so, he would hear one of his clones screaming as it plummeted to the ground. Also, he was cutting the waterfall almost every time he tried! While doing all this, Naruto's pants were starting to become painfully tight, meaning he would have to stop soon. Finally, in the late afternoon, Naruto decided he would stop training and start getting ready to leave for Sakura's house. He jumped off the wooden support and landed with a loud thud, his bare feet leaving relatively large footprints in the grass. He walked over to his supplies and bent down to grab his jacket, though as soon as he did, he pants literally burst right of him, leaving him in very tight boxers, having trouble containing his package.

"Damn it! I can't go to Sakura's house like this! I need some clothes!"

Even though there was no one in the forest, Naruto was slightly blushing. But, the thought of being embarrassed was pushed out of his mind as he realized how big he actually was. His biceps were much larger, while his calves were filled with muscle! He was now a lot taller than he used to be and noticed that his pecs and abs had also expanded through out the day, now leaving him with an eight pack! He then realized that he was much taller and musccular than he was this morning, meaning he had grown so much larger in a matter of hours. It was then when Naruto realized that there was no way he was growing like this because of his training. But, the thing was, Naruto didn't really care why or how he was growing, he just didn't want it to stop!

"I can't wait until Sakura gets a look at me! But, I should still get some clothes..."

So, Naruto set off for the clothing store. Once again, Naruto tried going through the village without anyone seeing him, and succeeded, though it was much harder than this morning with his larger body, making it very hard to sneak to the clothing store. When he arrived at the store, he had to duck so he wouldn't hit the door frame, though his head was still about a few inches away from the roof. As soon as the store clerk saw Naruto, he nearly screamed, though he held it in. Naruto walked up to the store clerk, still having a smile on his face.

"Do you have any clothes in my size?"

"W-Well, I would have to take some measurements," the clerk answered.

Naruto watched as the clerk opened a cupboard and took out a measuring tape, and also grabbed a chair. The clerk walked up to him and got ready to measure him. The clerk wasn't as scared of him anymore, realizing that Naruto was just a young teen, though the he wondered why Naruto had came in tight, slightly ripped, boxers.

"I'll have to measure your height and the size of your feet. I would measure your waist, but I've already got a pretty good idea of it's size."

Naruto stood up straight and watched as the clerk stood up on the chair, still barely reaching his height. The clerk took out the measuring tape, and got ready to measure him. Naruto measured to be about 8 and a half feet tall! Even the clerk was shocked, though Naruto's smile just grew wider. The clerk now got ready to measure the size of his feet. Again, the clerk was shocked. Naruto's feet were a massive 19 inches long and were about 8 inches wide! He knew now for sure that it would be hard to find clothes for this, as the clerk saw him, teen giant. The clerk went into the store's storage room, and, after a few minutes, came out with the largest sandals, orange jacket and orange pants he could find.

"Well, you'll have to work with these. You should know, that the sandals were surprisingly easy to find, though it took me forever to find an orange jump suit at your size."

Naruto sat down so he could try on the clothes. He slipped the sandals on his feet, and to his surprise, they fit perfectly! The clothes almost also fit perfectly, the the sleeves of the jacket and his pants were slightly to short. He also could only zip his zipper half way to the top. Naruto knew that he would not find anything better, so he paid the clerk, and got ready to leave. When he opened the door, he noticed that his hair was now brushing the top of the nine foot tall ceiling. His clothes also felt a little tighter than when he had tried them on, and his toes were also slightly hanging over his once "Perfect fitting Sandals." But, Naruto just got happier.

Naruto stepped out side, and got ready to go to Sakura's house.

"Wait till Sakura sees the new and, still improving me!"
Unexpected Growth Spurt 2.... re-posted.

Amme, just keep it on your profile, it doesn't really matter. :P Also, I'm sad to say that Unexpected Growth Spurt is gone, so yeah. I never saved it... gonna be really awkward, I guess, considering I have two random parts of the series uploaded with one missing.

Plus, everyone knows I'm too lazy to re-write it. ;-;
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As my friend says, "I forgive, but I don't forget."
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